Sandra talks about Intuitive Life Coaching
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You can become an Intuitive Life Coach

Discover the Intuitive Life Coach Within -
Assist Others in Transforming their Lives!

You are a light that cannot be limited!
Thank you for answering the call

Is Intuitive Life Coaching for you?

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    Do you enjoy helping others transform limitations but not sure how?
  • Are you fascinated with energy work?
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    Are you passionate about personal and spiritual development?
  • Do your friends turn to you for answers?

If you answered yes to any of the above, Intuitive Life Coach Training is for you!   During this course you will learn Spiritual Life Coaching Skills combined with Intuition and Energy work.  It’s a great combination for inner growth and transformation!  This process I have developed takes individuals to their core issues very quickly, and now you have the ability to learn it!

Healing is inherent in all of us.

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"The ability to do healing work is inherent in all of us.  It is a normal and natural procedure.  Some people speak of 'laying on of hands' as though it is something abnormal and unusual.  However, all of us, if we hurt some part of our body, will immediately place our hand over that place to make it feel better.  Everyone does this because it is normal and natural.  We need to look at all forms of healing in this way.  If you feel 'called' to do any form of healing work, then know that you have the essential ingredients to be proficient at it.  Follow your dreams and learn all you can about healing methods." ~Louise Hay – Author "You can Heal Your Life"

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bobstgirls Many times individuals say to me, "I can’t teach others because I still have so much to learn."  There is an old adage that says "The teacher and student are one."  My name is Sandra Baker, I am an Intuitive Life Coach, forever student, and teacher. 

Have you ever noticed that when you needed to present a topic whether it be in business, a church group or for personal reasons, you prepared for it.  In that preparation, you learned so much about the topic as well as your beliefs on it.  You were the student.  You became the teacher when you shared it with others. 

I have a belief that the biggest challenges in life become our biggest strengths. Because of our own personal transformation, we actually become an expert. 

How many people do you know took what appeared to be their weakness, learned from it, transformed it and then taught it to others.  I believe it’s our purpose in coming to earth and experiencing pain; to learn, grow, transform it and teach others how we did it. 

“That which you came to learn is what you are to teach” 
~Sandra Baker

Can you be a teacher?

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"A teacher is anyone who chooses to be.  They come from all religions and from no religion.  They are the ones who have answered.  The call is Universal.  It goes on all the time everywhere.  It calls for teachers to speak for IT and redeem the world.  Many hear It, but few will answer.  Yet it is all a matter of time.  Everyone will answer in the end, but the end can be a long, long way off.  It is because of this that the plan of the teachers was established.  Their function is to save time.  Each one begins as a single light, but with the Call at its center it is a light that cannot be limited.  And each one saves a thousand years of time as the world judges it.  To the Call Itself time has no meaning.” ~A Course in Miracles

You are here because you listened to It.  It is the Spirit voice from within that pushes you to greater and higher love.  As you receive that love for yourself, you want to share It with others.  "Somewhere you have made a deliberate choice in which you did not see your interests as apart from someone else’s."  The more you gain, the more you share.  That is why you are here.  It is the Divine Love that you have listened to.  You are a light that cannot be limited! You have the ability to save 1,000 years of time from others getting it!  I honor you and am excited about your journey.   Universal healing truly is in progress. Congratulations and thank you for answering!

I have put together a proven curriculum that targets issues very quickly.  It has a proven track record of achieving transformation and is now available for you to learn and teach.

You will have 6 sessions to provide to clients and make money doing what you love! 

Review the Curriculum and sign up for
Life Coaching Certification

Learn to be a Rapid Eye Technician (RET Training)


Sandra is an incredibly gifted spiritual being. After graduating in Social Work I felt lost for many years until I intuitively stumbled upon Sandra's web site. Sandra has over 15 years of Intuitive Life Coaching and Master Rapid Eye experience. The Intuitive Life Coach Academy is very informative and there is no other academy like it that can hold a candle to Sandra's academy. Not only does she ensure that you are fully trained and ready to go out and get a great clientele base, but she is a cheerleader of sorts. She is always in your corner! Become a member of the Intuitive Life Coach Academy. You will be so glad that you did! :)
Deana Daley


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Tips for Light Workers


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